Jamey Perrenot

Jamey Perrenot - Guitar

Primary Instrument: Guitar
Birthday: December 31
Birthplace: Dallas, TX
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Currently Resides: Nashville, TN
Married: Yes…to Christie
Children: None…
Favorite Food: Everything…and I can cook a mean steak.
Favorite Sport: Football
Hidden Talent: Professional Golfer


“My favorite memory of making the Almost Home record was how quickly the title track came together. I had been been playing the music acoustically for years and one night I was sitting around in the studio with Jamie and Dave and began playing it on acoustic guitar. Dave said “Dude…that’s an amazing piece of music…you should finish that!” In the next hour, we knocked it out. It came quite effortlessly with Jamie providing most of the melody and Dave adding most of the lyrics. I love it when a song comes together like that—and its probably my favorite song on the album.”