David Bach

David Bach - Bass

Primary Instrument: Bass
Birthday: June 12
Birthplace: Arlington, VA
Hometown: Tustin, CA
Currently Resides: Franklin, TN
Married: Yes…to Laura
Children: Yes…4 rowdy boys!
Favorite Food: Everything…but especially Thai, Indian & Churrasco
Favorite Sport: Baseball
Hidden Talent: I can make trouble

“When I look back over my 30+ years in Guardian, I am still most humbled and amazed by our experiences in Latin America. That God would take a bunch of rowdy long-hairs from L.A. and use our music to touch people in a language not our own…still amazes me. I loved every second that we got to spend touring in the U.S. and the rest of the world and am grateful for all of it…but to hear your songs sung back to you in a different language is something that I still marvel at“

“People often ask me what my favorite album is…and it’s hard to pick, as there are certain attributes I like about each record that we’ve made. But I would probably have to choose Buzz…which was our fifth studio release…because by that point, we had been touring together for many years and there is a deep vibe and chemistry to that record that only comes from playing together in a band for a long time.”