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Lyric – California Rain

California rain
Will wash away the pain
Whispering your name
When I see you again
– California Rain

Lyric – King of Fools

“Don’t wanna be the king of fools
Don’t let the sword come down on you
Don’t wanna be the king of fools
Just let love reign
And shine on you”
– King of Fools

Lyric – Wonderful

“You and I
We can’t deny
It’s wonderful
Stars collide to light the sky
And you wont ever have to wonder why
You fill me with wonder
You’re wonderful”
– Wonderful

Lyrics – Paranoia Kills

“Where do you wanna’ go?
Back to find the wounded left behind.”
– Paranoia Kills

Lyric – Almost Home

“I might not always have the words to tell you
So please don’t take my quiet moments wrong
I stumbled down the twisted road
And walked a crooked mile
To find the path that I knew all along”
– Almost Home